Olga and toby still dating

Now that You Tube stars have officially reached celebrity status, it shouldn't be a surprise that their newfound level of fame can sometime lead to controversy.However, we're constantly shocked that most of the scandal that are uncovered have to do with rape and sexual assault!Since April's post, many other famous Vloggers have echoed her claims; Kathleen Elliott (Katers17) claims she was also assaulted by Turner, while Philip De Franco and his most recent ex Jaclyn Glenn both concur with April's accounts of his personal drug habits.Tobuscus' followers are saying she has no evidence.

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She goes to Vidcon and meets all her You Tube friends (and crush).

Ironic that this whole drama started from a Tumblr post. Feel free to share this around so people open up their eyes. Before I go onto the actual evidence of the contradictions and inconsistencies and giveaways that April’s full of shit, let’s venture into April’s history with Toby and Olga, shall we? April says the reason why was because Toby cheated on both of them at the same time. April was more attached to Toby more than he was attached to her.

This info comes from this Tumblr post surrounding April, Olga & Toby. April is jealous whenever Toby hangs out with other girls. Even in April’s Tumblr post, she states that she still loved Toby even after the rape. The message clearly states that she “made it home”. She’s copping out all over the place with her damage control.

When April tweets Toby just four months ago, and five months after she said she stopped talking to him, and even multiple times in a buddy/flirty way; Every Tweet of April to Toby (https://twitter.com/search? Toby’s mom defended Toby and said April lived with her, was jealous of Olga, that she left with her real boyfriend, and that she threatened to steal his fans.(Toby’s mom’s full response) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cfls Tdi VAAARyn_People like to discount Toby’s mom because she said Toby doesn’t take drugs and that he never dated April. Besides the fact that text messages can EASILY be faked, there’s also time inconsistencies. April was so hammered she wasn’t sure whether she left the next afternoon. April was present enough to remember that her roommates were in the kitchen and the lie she told them, and that she was too weak to go to the hospital.3. And while she says she saw him this January not by choice in her excuse of a comeback, she literally responded to him just four months ago. If a toy triggers you to write a Tumblr post about someone who raped you, you didn’t “kinda love him”.

q=from: April Efff to: Toby Turner&src=typd&lang=en) …and be mostly ignored by Toby, it’s no surprise that she’d be more into him than he was with her. But she obviously had no idea about Toby’s problem or that they were dating. She says in her Tumblr post that after being drugged on the 26 of February, she was able to drive a car the next afternoon from Toby’s house. It was a typo, and April actually meant the next morning. Covering a lie with a mistake is the oldest trick in the book. So, tweeting your rapist 4 months ago about a television show you told him about wasn’t traumatizing, yet seeing a toy of him two weeks ago was? April tweeting to Toby just five months after she claims she stopped talking to him.