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Basically, given Elvis’s pathetic state at the end, it was in the opposite sense that the words had had for Sinatra. It’s all in that balance, everything we see when we can look far enough. Elvis wouldn’t get up until the sun went down, and only then would he go up on the mountain with the floodlights turned on, to snowmobile. Nice guy, but so locked in that prison of celebrity, of who he was, and his image, the person inside shrivelled up.There was nothing defiant or heroic about Elvis at that point. Sometimes you sat and talked to him and it was as if he were already gone. On Annette Funicello So dating Annette was a frustrating situation.It was the same way he lived his life — he destroyed himself. You had these two young kids who were hot to trot trying to deal with all the Victorian restrictions imposed on them, the chaperones and the teachers, and all of that. ” And that of course involved getting rid of the mother!But sexual frustration is a great stimulus to ingenuity and I came up with a plan.

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' And I started, metaphorically, 'And now the end is near.' I read a lot of periodicals, and I noticed everything was 'my this' and 'my that'.

"Along with the success there's going to be some rejection, some failure. I'm up every morning with him, and I take him to school, and I pick him up at school. I work out of home so that I'm here for him, because time is the biggest asset that we all have, and you have to use it properly. Eating properly and exercise, and mentally keeping myself in the right place with the right kind of pressure: It's worked for me.

I learned more in my work from my failure, not my success, and I don't know that they're doing that. It's different, in the sense that at this stage — how many summers do I have left? I've been protective of my body for the last 40-some years.

And he's about to be red-hot again: His new autobiography, My Way, and new album, Duets, hit stores this April. I guess the only negative I would have [about him] is when he did steal the tapes from me, but I wouldn't be talking about that song today if he hadn't.

(See a video at the bottom of this page about Anka's duet with Michael Bublé.) His summer tour begins in May. But I don't think it's something that I could have made a hit.