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It's been eight years since "Jersey Shore" debuted on MTV in December 2009, and oh so much has happened to the stars of our favorite trashy reality TV show since then.

The cast reunited in July 2017 for a new spot in a Burger King chicken parmesan sandwich commercial, which is giving credence to rumors about a special "Jersey Shore" reunion show later in the summer.

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The pair share West Coast roots as Cuoco was born in Camarillo, California.according to this site Click Here she is on the 71,6 percentile. 1-20 very short, 21-40 short, 41-60 average, 61 - 80 tall, 81 - 100 very tall?said on 21/Nov/15 @Editor Rob: I agree, but when she does stand looser she can at times appear even a little shorter than Galecki, who's nothing over 5'5.said on 7/Apr/17 Every one but Sheldon, Stewart, Raj and Amy are short as hell. Her arms are showing an early version of a 30 year old's progesterone trait and they is getting thick. said on 16/Dec/16 5'5 is pushing it the guy that plays leonard on big bang theory is 5'5 and hes quite a bit taller than her im thinking more around 5'3 or 5'4 she looks taller bc of her body type but shes alot shorter tho shes average at best said on 29/Nov/15 so you downgraded her to 167. She is supposedly a good tennis player; shouldn't she be in bettrt shape?