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According to Psychology Today, female killers are statistically more likely to kill multiple victims than male killers are.Most female serial killers work alone and kill several victims before they are caught, according to Psychology Today: A 2011 study found that these lethal ladies operate under the radar; they are less likely to have a criminal history, tend to kill those closest to them (emotionally and physically) and use quieter methods of elimination (poison, drugs, smothering).As a result, their killing careers last much longer than men (between eight and 11 years, in comparison to two years for male serial murderers), with an average of nine victims.But it has only been recently that many in the law enforcement and psychology community have acknowledged the existence of female serial killers.What is one night stand How / Where to find local one night stands Craigs List and One night stands?How to land a One Night Stand How / Where to find online one night stands Choosing partner for 1 night stand Can a One Night Stand Turn Into a Relationship Escape the friend zone to get sex Asking girl a for one night stand How to act after one-night stand What can go wrong after Top X Tips and Tricks Many people are confused when it comes to understand what one night stand is.

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“The reality concerning the gender of serial killers is quite different than the mythology of it.

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