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Thank you for your interest in Tufts University and our Men's Lacrosse program.

To assist in your recruiting process, we have compiled the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that will aid you in this process.

There is diversity in terms of the many people from different backgrounds and categories.

Code is now available on Github: link I’ve spent a month figuring out how to tell this story, and now I’m smack in the middle of Senior Week, a little hungover, and have no time to tell it cohesively.

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U sers who got a "yes" response earned one point, those who got a "maybe" earned half a point, and those who got rejected did not earn any points.

And, while this allows some to present a less flawed version of themselves, it just as equally prevents potential romantic interests from gaining an immediate and complete picture.This little security feature became way more necessary than we thought it would be.Basically, if you change your name too much, we will put your real name on your profile.Filling out this questionnaire automatically places you in our recruiting database, allowing for seamless two-way communication to occur.What is the recruiting process like at Tufts University?