Post dating checks in massachusetts

In the interim, inflation will make it worth less for the recipient than when I wrote the check, and will have earned interest for me to boot. Not sure of the laws in the US; however, in Canada, checks are not legal tender.

Technically, even on the date they were written, the banks still don't legally have to accept them - believe it or not. However, keep in mind, that if this is from an employer they are legally obligated to pay you any monies owed - regardless of time frame.

I found a check (from work) that I apparently never cashed... I'd always thought the limit was six months, but some are telling me it's a year. Will ADP (the huge payroll company) re-issue the check if I call?

Payroll Checks are good for 90 days, in most cases.

Often, when this occurs, the borrower must use alternative payment method, as most will no longer accept payment via their checking account when a check comes back NSF.This bill will show the assessed valuation of your property, the tax rate and the amount you owe for the fiscal year including any other charges such as Electric or Water Liens added to the tax.Payments are due in the Tax Collector’s office by the close of business on the due date.So if the check doesn't cash, call the old company and tell them.I've cashed checks even after they expired ("Only valid within 90 days") etc.