Secret sex talk

The exhibit title is inspired by the book, “My Secret Garden” published in 1973 by sex positive feminist author Nancy Friday who was instrumental in addressing taboos revolving around female sexuality in the early 70s and an important figure of the feminist sexual liberation movement.Through historical works of pioneering feminist artists such as Betty Tompkins and Joan Semmel, to that of emerging contemporary female artists such as Andrea Mary Marshall, Myla Dalbesio, India Munuez, Katie Commodore, and Leah Schrager, SECRET GARDEN presents works by taboo shattering artists who fearlessly address sexual themes in their art and celebrate freedom of expression.Join The Untitled Space on Thursday July 20th for a Reception and Artist Talk from 6-9pm for exhibit SECRET GARDEN on The Female Gaze on Erotica, Sex Positive Art & Censorship, hosted by artist and curator Indira Cesarine along with exhibiting artists Myla Dal Besio, Leah Schrager, Julia Fox, Katie Commodore, Annika Connor, Dominique Vitali, Kristin Prim, Katya Zvereva, Taira Rice and Rowan Renee.Before and after the talk, view the exhibition of more than 40 female artists, wine will be served.

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Early on, my dad set me up for success in talking to my own partner about sex when I was an adult — from having sex in the first place to birth control to emotions connected with sex and everything else that goes with it.MATT TANNER Guitar John Frusciante – Smile From The Streets You Hold “I like this album because of it’s true reflection on Frusciante at the time, my favorite albums are always a little melancholy.A lot of the songs were recorded in-between Red Hot Chili Peppers studio sessions when John was struggling with the ‘unwanted fame’ the band was amassing and during the drug battle he eventually lost.EVENT IS FREE // RSVP REQUIRED: [email protected] Untitled Space gallery is pleased to present “SECRET GARDEN: The Female Gaze on Erotica” a group exhibition of female identifying artists exploring figurative works of nudes and erotic art.Curated by Indira Cesarine, the exhibit will be on view from June 27 – July 30 and will include works of painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, pottery, sculpture, collage, mixed media and video.