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They want to know what you’re about, and if you can help with whatever they’re looking for. It’s an up-front statement that encapsulates and delivers your big-picture promise – and it’s got to hit the mark with your target audience in seconds.Then, people like Roberta, James, Sonia, Jon, and yours truly will provide guidance and suggestions.Specials are available to hold the interest of repeat foodies (which now includes myself and a group of friends). The hours were super long and Clement had it drilled into him that every mistake, no matter how small, was costly and didn’t make owners or head chefs at all happy. ‘He would come into the kitchen and we would line up and he would shake everyone’s hands and say hello.’ Then cupid hit and Clement found himself in love with an Australian. That’s what makes customers come back for more.’ Wendy Johnson graduated with a Master’s Degree in Journalism from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, a few decades ago.He packed up his bags and—bam—he moved to Australia. He loves Canberra and marvels at how the capital has grown up in the food scene since he arrived four years ago. It’s consistency, service, overall quality, concept and location. She’s been living in Australia since 1995, having fallen in love with eucalypt trees and kangaroos.Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy.We got an amazing response and have now wrapped up this tagline clinic. When people arrive at your website, they’re looking for instant guidance.This content has been created by the site creator and is for educational use on Do not plagiarize or reproduce this, or any content from this site.

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Answers to many questions are available in our knowledge base that is also reachable outside business hours.

‘There are some very cool concepts happening and it’s fantastique to see Canberra in the ,’ he says. To do this places must have great execution, not just the idea. Wendy is passionate about Canberra and all the nation’s capital has to offer.

She loves to write (about everything and anything) and owns her own pr and advertising business.

At the Kennedy Room, Clement has recently redesigned the food lineup, making it contemporary, and is working with the kitchen team on their execution. The new menu isn’t as extensive, but that’s by design. You can’t fault Clement’s creations, which include in France.

The dishes, beautifully plated, are a feast for the eyes. Yes it is, but it’s on trend for quality bars to entice customers with food that is so much more than ho-hum. “This helps us guarantee freshness and concentrate on presentation,’ says Clement. Kennedy Room has kept pizzas on the menu, but has reduced the number available. And if it’s a good old steak you’re after, the grilled section won’t disappoint. That was where he learned, first hand, how intense the industry is—when it operates at this calibre. ‘Gordon Ramsey has massive respect for his staff,’ says Clement.