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And as a woman who lived this life and still lives this life, yes, I feel I am more than qualified to voice my opinions. Y'all are more than pulling your share of stress and craziness, so my heart goes out to you all. Over the years I have developed some big pet peeves of things I've heard come out of the mouths of other stay-at-home-moms, or things I've seen with my own two eyes.The child will sleep eventually, and even if you have to wait until they are in bed at night or set an alarm for ten minutes earlier in the morning, you can facilitate a shower.I understand that if you don't do much during the day and don't leave the house; there is that side of you that whispers, should care how you look.Too many times I have seen a frazzled looking mother at the grocery store, kids hanging all off of her, wearing a vomit stained shirt and holey sweat pants. Now, I'm not saying become a 1950s housewife whose hair is perfect, makeup is perfect and who wears a dress and heels to mop the floor.But take clothes and get yourself feeling feminine again.The new change to single parent dating is going to require a lot of adjustment and compromise.

I was certain you had to be in the presence of someone to really know who they are and whether you would want to spend more time with them. I may have missed the whole “online dating” boat, but I am considering putting a profile on one of those mom-dating sites to make some friends. Bacon, tequila, coffee, gossiping, music, lasagna, reality TV, wine… As far as dislikes go – I hate it when people take their gum out of their mouths and stick it on their can of Diet Coke. I’m pretty easy going about just about everything else – as long as you are pro-choice and comfortable calling yourself a feminist. Someone even said, "Bring that up on a date and rest assured..will be your last date or a big azz argument for sure." It was also stated that a black man wouldn't automatically think this way if the woman they were dating was White because they have this Madonna image of White women which doesn't extend to Black women. SIP: Are you going to tell them that you stopped talking after that tidbit? If you are a single mom dating or you are thinking of entering the single parent dating scene then you should know that this period can be a very confusing time for both you and your kids.Mom Meet Mom is one that was brought to my attention today. You create a profile and browse the profiles of other moms in your area.