Dating an oil rig worker

Yes,” said Steve, a “rough neck”, or manual labourer, on the drill crew.

“We’ve been told 120 are going in the next year but we’ve not been told who they are,” added one of his colleagues.

They have been keeping pretty good track since arresting a lot of the yahoo boys.

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Choose between Office Personnel or Vessel Crew and see available positions.I have not been on here for a little while, had a lot of thinking to do.As for Chris Sanderson I received a request from him also in a Gym, trying to impress someone.But it looks like the bubble might burst.”At the Broomfield Terminal, used for oil company charter flights to Shetland, the mood is also sombre.Huddled in a windswept smoking shelter opposite the terminal, a crew of workers waiting to fly to their rig fear for their future.“Are we shitting ourselves about losing our jobs?