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The report, Modeling Irish Unification, is published by KLC Consulting in Vancouver, British Columbia and was written by economist Dr Kurt Hubner.

Launching today in Dublin, the research is based on the models of unification seen in Germany in the late 20th century and post-partition Korea.

But he said there was no appetite for another round of devolved assembly elections, adding there was still a narrow wind of “a short few weeks” in which a government could be formed.

In the meantime, the province’s civil servants are preparing to take over the budget and allocation of resources to public services.

There are 2 ferry routes operating between Northern Ireland and Scotland offering you combined total of 84 sailings per week.

The political unification of the country would, the report says, ideally happen after economic unification to reduce uncertainty.

However, it does not make any calls for political integration, saying that isn’t even necessary, citing the creation of the Common Market.

Mr Brokenshire is expected to make a further statement in the Commons on Tuesday, outlining details of how the UK Government intends to foster an agreement to save power sharing at Stormont.

BOTH IRELAND AND Northern Ireland would significantly benefit from reunification, a new report suggests.