Dotcom dating

No, I don’t want to ‘just ask’.…There is no way that’s just ‘your sister’Oh, you’re cute…

More like current dad bod…“With a body like this who needs a pickup line” …Is that ironic?

While it is unclear who the mystery lady in his life is, early Monday, Marshmello Teased a new collaboration with Selena Gomez & Khalid.

Marshmello also wished Selena Gomez a happy birthday on Twitter. Until recently, DJ Marshmello's identity was still a closely guarded secret, but recently an Instagram Live video revealed Marshmello's True Identity and the long suspected the rumors that Marshmello is DJ Chris Comstock, also known as Dotcom, have been confirmed.

Since I am also a single straight girl in New York City, we weren’t short of topics to kvetch about.

I sat her down to set the record straight: is a part of fate, fad, or the future?

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By REBECCA GEHMAN Contributing Writer Published: September 21, 2011 Ever wonder what the dating pool is like uptown at Columbia, downtown at New York University (NYU), or (God forbid) over the Cross Bronx Expressway at Fordham Rose Hill?The two decided to create a site that brought people together, people who may be on the same campus but just didn’t end up meeting because of forces of nature (schools, departments, what have you).Former freelancer for Time Out New York’s sex and dating column, Melanie W., NYU ’11, majored in “The Power of Sexuality from Motown to Millennium” at the Gallatin School, and currently does Public Relations for Q: is for marriage-seekers, Ok Cupid is for hookups, who is DMS for? Many fans are dying to know: Who is Marshmello AKA Dotcom dating?