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In addition to using its own archive of original negatives, the Albertype Company also reproduced photographic images taken by other companies or individuals.

The Albertype Company was created to take advantage of the commercial applications of the collotype, a type of printing which used photographic negatives.

Livingstone, Jr., and photographer and photo-publisher Edwin H. In 1984 Petley sold his postcard business to Bruce Finchum.(Side Note) The Whiting House.

The following helps determine the era of the card in question.

1939 - A new type of photographic production process called Photochrome first appeared on postcards. After the war Mike Roberts led the way with WESTCO cards soon to be followed by other firms such as Dexter Press of Nyack, New York, and Plastichrome Company of Boston. During that same time period, the Burney brothers, located in Aurora, Missouri, were quickly becoming one of the largest road map printers in the country. Bob (Robert Teeple) Petley was born on November 11, 1912, in Akron, Ohio and passed away on July 7, 2006.

Detroit Photographic Company was launched as a photographic publishing firm in the late 1890s by Detroit businessman and publisher William A. In 1946, with twelve black and white humorous postcards he created, he started his postcard company, Petley Studios, Inc., which would later become the nations largest publisher and distributor of scenic color postcards with dealers in Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas, southwestern Colorado, and eastern California.

This postcard by Dexter Press marks many of the key locations of the JFK assassination. (But the Railroad Overpass is.) (A reminder that you can click on the above postcard for a really nice full-screen look at it.) Written on the back of the card: "This marker stands near the site of the assassination of the late President John F. The scene draws thousands of visitors each year, many of whom reverently pause to leave a floral tribute to the slain president." Using the Iron Cross as the symbol to mark key locations is an interesting choice.

This comes from our family's collection and was originally mailed in March 1970.